Narcissus in Chains

The following is the blurb from the back of "Narcissus in Chains". Enjoy.

Men are men. Jean-Claude and Richard are each something else entirely. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, torn between them, has been avoiding both vampire and werewolf for months. But when a kidnapper targets innocents she has sworn to protect, Anita turns to them for help, which will require harnessing both their powers--and their hungers...

"The last thing on God's green earth that I needed was another man in my life..."

"I didn't have a clue what to do with the two I had already. The fact that they were, respectively, a Master Vampire and an Ulfric, werewolf king, was only part of the problem... They both had my libido, but I was trying to decide who had my heart..."

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