The Killing Dance

The following is the blurb from the back of "The Killing Dance". Enjoy.

"These days my life is a cross between preternatural soap opera and an action-adventure movie. Sort of As The Casket Turns meets Rambo.

The first hit man came after me at home, which should be against the rules. Then there was a second, and a third. Eventually, I found out that the word on the street was that Anita Blake, preternatural expert and vampire killer extraordinaire, was worth half a million dollars. Dead, not alive. So what's a girl to do but turn to the men in her life for help? which in my case, means an alpha werewolf and a master vampire. With professional killers on your trail, it's not a bad idea to have as much protection as possible, human or otherwise.

But I'm beginning to wonder if two monsters are better than one....

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