Necromancer's Asylum

The Characters

Anita BlakeAnita Blake - The heroine of the series. Anita is an Animator, a zombie raiser. She has the ability to raise the dead, so as to communicate with them. To the vampires she is known as "The Executioner". As the series has progressed, Anita has begun to fear that she may be becoming one of the 'monsters'.
Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude - He is a vampire who has a fascination with Anita. 500 years old, he is the Master Vampire of the City.
Richard ZeemanRichard Zeeman - A werewolf who is in love with Anita. Richard is a high school science teacher, who also happens to be an Alpha Werewolf. Richard does not like what he is, and tries to suppress his more animal instincts. He is the Ulfric (King) of the local werewolf pack.

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