The Buffy and Angel Characters

The resident slayer. A seventeen year old girl who can kick vampire butt yet, can't keep her mother from grounding her.
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Buffy's Watcher. A studious man with a lot of knowledge about the arcane and mystical. Unfortunately, he has some problems with the opposite sex.
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The resident vampire hero turned bad. Visit my Angel page.
Cyber goddess. A young lady who uses the information on the web as a weapon against the forces of evil.
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Queen of snobs. A young lady who sees herself as the centre of the universe.
Resident joker. A young man with a smart mouth and a heart of gold.
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Spike William the Bloody. A vampire, sired by Drusilla, who has killed two slayers and longs to make it three. Visit my Spike site. Drusilla The mad queen. Sired by, and driven mad by, Angelus, Drusilla sees things others cannot. Visit A Method to Her Madness page.
Joyce Summers Worried mother. The mother of the slayer. Oz Werewolf. Willow's former boyfriend, Oz is a werewolf.
Wesley Wyndham-Price Rogue demon hunter. Wesley was the watcher sent by the council to replace Giles, but Buffy didn't accept him. Jenny (Janna) Calendar Techno-pagan. Jenny Calendar was a gypsy sent to keep an eye on Angel. She and Giles became involved but she was later killed by Angelus.
Tara Shy one. Tara is Willow's girlfriend, as well as a witch of some power. Alan Francis Doyle Half-demon.
Riley Finn Soldier boy. Anya (Anyanka) Vengeance demon.
Dawn Summers The Key. Charles Gunn Gang leader.

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