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A Drusilla/Spike Page

Drusilla In the episode 'School Hard' we were introduced to two very different vampires. Drusilla and Spike seemed to share a bond never before seen in other vampires -- they cared about one another. As the series progressed we learned even more about this duo including:
  • Drusilla was the childe of Angelus
  • She was Spike's sire
  • She'd been injured in Prague and Spike was attempting to heal her
  • Drusilla was insane and prone to prophetic visions
  • Spike loved Drusilla
  • Drusilla seemed to love Spike until her 'daddy' returned
Drusilla & Spike With the return of Angelus, Drusilla proved how fickle a woman she was. So eager to please her 'daddy', Drusilla often left a now injured Spike by the wayside. As a result, Spike chose to help the Slayer stop Angelus' opening of a gateway to hell. Spike, who happened to like the world the way it was, helped Buffy because of his love for Drusilla and his fierce desire to protect her.

Drusilla, though, was not appreciative of Spike's actions and left him for a chaos demon. Spike did attempt to reconcile with Drusilla. He mentioned something about chains...

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