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Spike When Spike first appeared and we (the audience) learned that he had a previous connection with Angel, I admit, it never once occurred to me to wonder about exactly what kind of a relationship the two might have once had. My becoming a Spike/Angel 'shipper though I can blame on two wonderful fic writers: Saber ShadowKitten and Spirit. Their wonderful stories introduced me to the unique 'rightness' of this pair and now I'm hooked.

According to Joss, Drusilla is Spike's sire as Angelus is hers and yet I kinda like the ideo of Spike being the childe of Angelus. But who are we to argue with the God known as Joss?


There are several reason why these two fit together. The main reason being they are both vampires; they shar an undeniable understanding about one another's natures, an understanding which Buffy could never hope to have. Another reason stems from the current literary belief that vampires are sexual creatures who will, in Spike speak, 'shag' anyone, add in the fact that these are two very beautiful men and voila instant slashy goodness.

Of course, there are probably people out there who are looking at me with disgust, unable to see the inherent beauty of this pairing, but to each his own.

You'll find some Spike/Angel fiction at ...Mightier Than the Sword.

I'm a Spike/Angel 'shipper!

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