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Ilona Elkin
Ilona Elkin as Merrill YoungIlona Elkin plays the vampire Merrill Young.

Ilona was born October 1, 1976, in Helsinki, Finland.  Her birth name is Ilona Utriainen.

From the official site:
Ilona is more extroverted and a less conservative dresser than the character she plays, but like Merrill, Ilona is also a hopeless romantic. That's why she is drawn to sexy and sensitive men, with class. Gary Oldman from Bram Stocker’s Dracula makes her quiver.  Ilona loves staying up til the wee hours she often pulls all nighters. Is that method acting or what?

Being a twin, Ilona is afraid of being alone. Horror movies also give her the creeps. She is yet to find out what her special powers are but definitely knows what tempts her: boys, boys, boys!

Where does Ilona like to be bitten? She’s offered to show us!

At a tender young age, Ilona decided to pursue a career in the performing arts. After attending the Finnish National Ballet School, Ilona studied at Montreal’s Dome Theatre School and the Actor’s Studio. She has since appeared in many film and television projects, most recently Bonanno: A Godfather’s Story, The Hunger, All Souls and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ilona continues to enjoy dance of all styles and remains an avid movie fan. She also has talent for interior decorating.

Ilona ElkinFrom IMDB:
Ilona Elkin was born in Helsinki, Finland to a Chilean father and a Finnish mother. She has a twin sister, Kati. At the age of 9, she started dancing ballet at the Finnish National Ballet school, until, at the age of fifteen, she moved to live in Vienna, Austria. In 1994 Ilona moved to Montreal, where she attended the Dome Theatre School and Graduated in 1998. She has played parts in "MacBeth", "Escape from happiness", and 'After the Fall", to name a few. Her first TV-role was a lead in the series "The Hunger". She has worked on several productions since, including "Allsouls", X Change (2000) and "Big Wolf on Campus". In 2001 she starred in the YTV series "Vampire High" (2001). Ilona also speaks Finnish, Spanish, German, and French. Currently she resides in Montreal with her Jack Russell Terrier.

Sometimes credited as Ilona Utriainen.

Plastik Man (2003) (completed) .... Leila Sandler
Hatley High (2003) (completed) .... Anya Petrovich
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) .... Mary-Ann/Georgia's girlfriend
Ascension (2002/I) .... Young Woman (lead)
"Vampire High" (2001) TV Series .... Merrill Young
X Change (2000) (as Ilona Utriainen) .... Female Attendant #2
"Nuremberg" (2000) (mini) TV Series .... Russian translator
"Undressed" (1999) TV Series .... Cleo (season 6)
... aka "MTV's Undressed" (1999) (USA: complete title)
Bonanno: A Godfather's Story (1999) (TV) (as Ilona Utriainen) .... Tresca's Secretary Isabella

From Dance Spirit Magazine:

Confessions of a Dancer

Canadian TV star Ilona Elkin has paid her dance dues.
By Brittany Geragotelis

“I did pointe work for five years and I’ve got the toes to prove it.”

Practically a household name in Canada, Ilona Elkin made her film debut in the U.S. with the recent blockbuster, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Before rubbing elbows with people like George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Elkin was dancing beside other professionals at the Finnish National Ballet School in Helsinki, Finland, where she studied ballet, modern and character. Elkin took to dancing, after seeing how much fun her cousin had with the art. “I used to go over to her house and try on all her slippers and tutu’s,” says Elkin. “I guess in a way, I wanted to be just like her.”

During the next eight years, Elkin studied any form of dance she could get her hands on, including jazz, freestyle, Flamenco and Chilean folk dance. Elkin has several projects keeping her busy for the time being, including two films, Plastik Man and Hatley High and the Canadian-based TV series called Delta State, to premiere in August.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Americans get to see Elkin back on the big screen again. “I’d love to combine my dancing with acting,” says Elkin. “I just saw Chicago and was shifting in my seat, wanting to get up and dance right then and there.”