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That's Why the Lady is a Vamp
Merrillís evil Maker pays a surprise visit to Mansbridge, hoping to take her young charge back on the blood trail.

After Merrill realizes that her feelings toward Drew are unrequited, she sends a mental SOS message to her "maker" that she wants to leave. Enter Mae West look-alike still on the prowl. Her maker is a trashy flirt who intends to leave with Merrill.

I really liked this episode - mostly because Merrill is my favourite character and with this episode we learned a little bit about her past.  We find out that Merrill and her Maker, Patsy LaRue, used to lure unsuspecting victims using the helpless mother and her child routine.  By the end of the episode we have to wonder what was it about Merrill that caught the attention of this trampy, trashy flirt of a vampire and caused her to make Merrill her childe?  Is there something else we don't know about Merrill?