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Bloody Romance
On the show, we have been presented with the possibility of a romance between the vampire Drew and the mortal Sherry.  I am here to say that I do not see any chemistry between these two.  Now with that said I'd like to introduce to you my pick for a 'Vampire High' romance.  8^)

 Drew and Merrill

Drew and MerrillDrew and Merrill
I'm not really sure what it is about these two that makes me think they're a good romantic choice.  It could be that they're such opposites.  He's dark and mysterious and she's quiet and sensitive.  Who knows?  But I just think that these two would make a better pairing than Drew and Sherry.  Plus, there is the added fact that there's just something about Sherry that annoys me.

The episode Dads and Monsters focused alot on Drew and Merrill.  The two talked, sharing some of their thoughts and fears.  In fact, the two seemed to share an awkward almost boy/girl type of moment at the end of the episode.

Drew and Merrill in Dads and Monsters
Thanks go to Gypsy for the screencap.

As well, I like the idea of another vampire pairing on the show.

 Essie and Karl

Karl and EssieEssie and Karl
I have enjoyed the interaction between these two characters almost as much as I've enjoyed the Drew/Merrill interaction.  In particular, the episode The Withering helped to reinforce my desire to see these two become a couple.

In The Withering, Karl offers Essie his blood in order to help her stem the destruction that the Withering is having on her body.  According to Merrill, when you share the blood of another vampire you gain insight into who they are.