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Jeff Roop
Jeff Roop as DrewJeff Roop plays the vampire Drew.

From the official site:
Although Jeff’s special powers are limited to being able to touch his toes, he does share the traits of being pale, very moody and nocturnal with his character Drew. He loves to feast on good women, smoked meat, or Italian food followed by a cranberry jello shot laced with vodka.

Jeff is adventurous and tempted by new challenges. What keeps him up all night? Parties, shooting Vampire High and also the fear of failure. Rude and aggressive people irk him and may cause him to show his fangs. And, talking about fangs: Jeff says all of his wisdom teeth remain intact.

Gary Oldman, in Bram Stocker’s Dracula, is by far his favourite vampire.

Where does Jeff like to be bitten? Earlobes, neck, calves, feet…pretty much everywhere!

A Masters graduate from the Moscow Art Theatre School and Carnegie Mellon University, Jeff Roop is no stranger to stage, film and television. Has appeared in NBC’s Ground Zero, Twice in a Lifetime, the CBC’s A People’s History of Canada and the American popular soap Guiding Light. He has also taken on numerous guest leads, lending his talents to the series Big Wolf on Campus, Misguided Angels, and Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.

Jeff RoopFrom IMDB:
Jeff was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to a businessman father and a kindergarten teacher mom. As a child he was very shy, far too shy to attempt acting. It wasn't until he was pursuing a business degree at McGill University that, on the advice of an English professor, he began taking acting classes and performing in college plays. His acting debut was playing the role of Steve in a local theatre production of "The Shadow Box". Once Jeff completed his undergraduate degree he passed on law school to go to theatre school at the Moscow Art Theatre, in Russia, and at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he obtained his Master's Degree in acting offered jointly by both schools.

His first professional television job was on an episode of the soap opera "The Guiding Light" and his first professional theatre role was playing Brian in A.A Milne's "Mr. Pim Passes By" in an off-Broadway production. Jeff then returned to Canada, appearing in numerous American and Canadian television shows, and landed his first feature film role, as Brad in the movie Free Money (1998), starring Marlon Brando. He also founded the critically acclaimed theatre company Arbat Theatre in his hometown of Montreal. 2001 saw him land his first starring role in a television series, as Drew in "Vampire High" (2001), a show which airs in many countries and has found a cult following. In 2001, he also had a starring role in an upcoming NBC movie of the week. 2002 saw Jeff land his first starring role in a feature film, playing the character Kootch in Awake (2002). Since then he has played various roles in different television projects and returned to the stage in January, playing Warren in Kenneth Lonergan's "This is our Youth". He currently resides in Toronto.

Awake (2002) .... Kootch
"Vampire High" (2001) TV Series .... Drew
X Change (2000) .... Male Attendant #1
Free Money (1998) (as Jeffrey Roop) .... Brad